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Why is NSI Accreditation Important for a Home Security Company?

Heard the term ‘NSI accreditation’ when looking at different home security companies? It’s an important term to know when choosing your security company, so keep reading to find out the ins and outs of NSI.


What is the NSI?

The NSI stands for National Security Inspectorate and is a certificate for security and fire protection companies. The NSI is a highly respected and trusted independent certification body that helps to protect homeowners and businesses by only awarding NSI accreditation to companies that meet the criteria. It is the most widely recognised mark of approval within the security and fire safety industries and ensures a high level set of standards for all NSI approved companies.


What does NSI accreditation mean?

The NSI accreditation means that the companies it’s been awarded to have committed to the highest standard of service and quality as recognised by the Police, Fire and Rescue Services as well as the insurance industry. To be NSI accredited the company will have gone through various audits and assessments to ensure they are meeting the relevant criteria and standards needed.


Why is it important to choose an NSI accredited company?

It is important to choose an NSI approved company as it helps protect you from low quality and unregulated work and service from a security and fire protection company.

When you choose an NSI accredited company you can therefore have confidence that they are reputable, have suitable insurance, provide ongoing training, work to International and British Standards as well as the NSI Codes of Practise, have undergone a rigorous application process and receive regular audits and inspections.


We are fully NSI approved!

At Homewatch, we have full NSI accreditation meaning you can trust us to be working to the most up to date and highest standards within the security and fire safety sectors.

What’s more, all our engineers are also NSI approved, meaning they too are trained and operate to the most stringent standards ensuring you receive a high level of service every time.

Find out more on how we can help you secure and protect your home against intruders and fire.

Get in touch on 0330 094 7404 or fill out our online form here.


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