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What is Smart Home Automation?

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You are sure to have heard of smart homes and know their capabilities, but what is smart home automation? What can having it in place do and how can you implement it into your own home? 

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a home with smart systems in place, instead of the standard options. For example, smart lighting, smart thermostat, smart doorbell, smart speaker, smart intercom, smart CCTV cameras and a smart TV – to name a few! 

All these systems are connected to the internet, usually via a WIFI connection and allow for the user to control each system remotely, via an app on their smart device. For instance, in a smart home, you may be able to adjust the heating from your phone, turn on and off lights when you’re on holiday and even lock and unlock doors. 

The smart home industry is growing massively. The current number of smart homes worldwide has reached over 258 million!

What is Smart Home Automation? 

Smart home automation can be installed and set up in smart homes that have smart systems in place, such as lighting, thermostat, security, appliances etc. It allows for all smart systems and technologies to be monitored and controlled from one central system, usually a smart device and communicate with each other, allowing various automation to be put in place, totally bespoke to the household’s lifestyle and needs. Therefore one system can automatically control the action of another, without the user needing to explicitly action each request. 

Some examples of smart home automation include: 

  • Security and outdoor lighting to turn on at 7 pm, which actions the closing and locking of the gates to your home. 
  • Thermostat to activate and reach a pre-decided temperature when you are 20 minutes from your home.
  • Lighting to dim to a low level but a film is played on a smart television. When paused, the lights will go back to full level. When the film is resumed, the lights will again dim to a low level.
  • Smart blind and curtains to open at 7 am and close at 9 pm. 
  • Intruder alarms to be automatically activated when no one is in the house and at night. 

Smart home automation, therefore, makes life easier and most importantly, can make your home safer, especially when you are away from home, on holiday or at work. With one central control system, accessible on your smartphone, you’ll have total control of your home as well as key access to insights to help with better household management and energy usage. With smart home automation, you can save significant time, money and energy by making your home work more efficiently.

How to Get Smart Home Automation? 

Smart home automation doesn’t have to be complicated. At Homewatch, we’ll work with you to design a bespoke smart home automation that takes into account your current smart systems and technologies, as well as your wants, needs and lifestyle. 

Get in touch for a FREE quote by contacting us online or calling on 0330 094 7404. 


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