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What is a Smart Home?

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Smartphone, smart watch, but what about a smart home? It’s been predicted that the number of smart homes is forecast to grow to over 350 million by 2023!

With advancing technology, our homes have the ability to do more than they ever have before by giving us more control over our appliances and systems. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about smart homes; what they are and what are the benefits.


What is a smart home? 

A smart home is defined as a home that is equipped with various devices and systems, such as lighting, heating, security and other electronics that can all be controlled with a smartphone, computer or another smart device. 

A smart home will use the internet and more specifically, a wifi connection, to connect the required devices and systems to a central control point, most commonly accessible on a smartphone or other device via an App. Within the control App, all systems will be able to work alongside each other and the user will have control over each system or appliance remotely. 

Smart homes offer the potential to turn on and off lights when not at home, adjust the heating as well as activate or deactivate a security system as well as many more.


What are the features of a smart home?

Remote Control

The biggest feature of a smart home is that you can control everything remotely, from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and access to a smartphone or device. Whether you are on holiday or at work, you’ll be able to control systems within your smart home completely remote. No more worrying about leaving a light on or a door unlocked!

Interconnect Systems

With a smart home, it allows for all your home systems, devices and appliances to be interconnected and work together to create a more efficient home. For example, your lighting and security systems can communicate to each other to put in place security lighting when your security system is activated. 

Energy Management

With all your systems working together and the ability to collect data about your devices such as energy usage, you’ll be able to make efficiencies within your home for better energy management. For example, your central heating to be turned on when you are in the house, music to not play in rooms that aren’t occupied and lighting to be on only at certain times of the day. 


What systems are connected?

There are various systems that are able to be connected within a smart home. Plus, with technology developing at the rate it currently is, there is sure to be more and more products, systems and devices that are made to be smart home compatible going forward. Some of the main systems that can be connected to your smart home currently available are:

  • Security System (Alarm, sensors & CCTV)
  • Lighting 
  • Gate & Door Entry
  • Heating/Air Conditioning 
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Kitchen Appliances 
  • Fire Safety System


What are the benefits of a smart home?

Smart homes can provide numerous benefits. From making life simpler to saving you money. 

Managing all devices from one location

With a smart home, there’s no need to worry about finding the individual settings and controls for each system and appliance. All controls for each system will be available from your smartphone, creating a simpler and easier way to control your home. 

Control your home from anywhere

This one central control system on your smartphone allows you to control your home remotely, from anywhere in the world and at any hour of the day! Whether you are in your home or away on holiday, you’ll be able to control all your systems, make changes and keep an eye on your home. You’ll also have peace of mind that if you’ve forgotten to turn a certain system on or off, you’ll be able to do it via your smartphone app. 

Improved energy efficiency

A smart home allows you to be more aware of the energy your home is using and help you to make efficiencies to reduce your energy consumption. Not only will this save you money on energy bills, but it will also reduce your carbon footprint and the impact you have on global warming. 

Home usage data

With all your home systems and appliances connected, you’ll have access to insights and data about your home. For example, how much energy you’ve used, how many hours the television was on and how long lights were activated. Not only will this help you make better decisions to save energy around your home but can also provide insights into your family lifestyle. 

Maximise home security 

A smart home can majorly benefit your home security and maximise your security system’s potential. With all devices connected, such as your motion sensors, CCTV cameras and alarm bell, you can put in place full home automation so that if your security system is triggered, you’ll be notified immediately. This is particularly beneficial when you’re away from your home or even abroad. No longer will you have to rely on a neighbour or friend to inform you of an issue. 

Connecting other smart home products, such as video and audio doorbells, are another way to improve your home security and protect your home and family. 

At Homewatch, we can support you in the transition to a smart home with a particular focus on integrating your security system. Fully NSI approved, you can get in touch with us on 0330 094 7404 for a free quote. 


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