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What is a Monitored Home Alarm? Here’s How it Works

Many households have a home alarm system, but what about a monitored home alarm system? A simple way to maximise the potential of your current home alarm system, adding on a monitoring service could reduce the devastating effects of a break-in to your home.


How does a monitored home alarm work?

To have your home alarm monitored, you will need to take out a home alarm monitoring contract with a monitoring service provider. This is usually a monthly or annual fee and can cost as little as £10 per month. 

Once your contract is in place, any alarm triggers will notify the monitoring provider. Their highly trained monitoring operatives, who will be monitoring your system 24/7 and for 365 days a year, will receive the notification and firstly confirm with the nominated keyholder or through CCTV cameras (if present) whether it is a false alarm or not. 22% of false alarms are triggered by homeowners accidently turning on the alarm and 7% by pets

If it’s confirmed not to be a false alarm, then the operative will go ahead and immediately action the most appropriate response to the situation, such as the emergency services. 


What hardware is needed for a monitored home alarm?

Whether you are installing a new monitored home alarm system or are adding a monitored service onto your existing system, it is likely all the components needed are already in place. The security and monitoring provider will take care of all the necessary items. 

However, if you want to know the specifics, keep reading…

– Your security system will have a central control panel. This is the centre of all the system sensors. 

– Depending on how your security system is set up, sensor triggers will be sent to the control panel via your telephone line or through your WIFI connection. 

– When your control panel receives the signal, a notification will be sent to the monitoring provider and they’ll carry out the necessary actions. 


Who monitors the alarm? 

When your home alarm is monitored, you as the homeowner will no longer need to monitor your alarm, giving you total peace of mind that a professional team is keeping a constant watch on your property. Highly trained monitoring operatives monitor the system for any alarm, camera or sensor triggers within a designated alarm receiving centre. 


What response will be initiated?

There are various types of immediate responses that the monitoring team can initiate to stop the intruder in their tracks and deter them from carrying out their planned crime. These can all be discussed when you confirm your monitoring contract and in what situation you would like each action to be carried out. Some of the options can include: 

– Contacting the key holder

– An audio challenge to the intruder 

– Police response

The monitoring operatives have been trained to choose the most appropriate action to the situation and to do so with rapid speed. 


Home Alarm Monitoring with Homewatch 

At Homewatch we can monitor your entire home security and fire alarm system from just £9.99 per month. Get in touch with us on 0330 094 7404 today. 


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