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What are Video Doorbells and Are They Worth It?

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Video doorbells are the new piece of tech for home security that everyone’s talking about. But what are they exactly? What do they do and are they actually worth the investment? Keep reading as we dive into everything video doorbells have to offer. 


What are video doorbells?

Video doorbells are essentially just what their name suggests; a doorbell that provides one or two-way communication via a video camera and viewing monitor screen. An outdoor and weather-protected video camera is attached to a home’s front door and is either hardwired to an existing doorbell and chime system or battery-powered, with both being connected to a WIFI signal. 

Like other smart technology, the homeowner will be notified via their smartphone when their doorbell is rung or detects motion outside the door. They will then be able to access the live camera footage and see who is at the front door and communicate with them, without needing to open the door.

This then allows the homeowner to answer their door and monitor who approaches their property from anywhere in the world, due to the remote access via their smartphone. 


What types of video doorbell are there?

There are various types of video doorbells on the market, each with varying features and capabilities. Choosing the right one for your property and household can be overwhelming, but it’s good to know that when we get down to the basics, there are only two main types of video doorbells: wired and wireless. Both have their benefits and their main difference is how they connect to a power source. 


Wired Video Doorbells

Wired video doorbells are just that, hardwired to an existing doorbell and chime set-up. Because it is connected to your home’s power source, there won’t be any disruption or signal interference that could cause the doorbell not to work properly, unless your property experiences a power cut. 


Wireless Video Doorbells

Wireless video doorbells provide flexibility, especially for those renting their property and do not want to mess with the original doorbell system. Usually fitted with a ‘peel and stick’ application, video doorbells are battery operated. 


How much do video doorbells cost?

Video doorbells range in price depending on the model and the features and capabilities they hold. Cheaper models can be found from approximately £50, with more advanced systems costing £200.

Request a FREE quote with us for a video doorbell today. 


What are the benefits of video doorbells?

Video doorbells can provide a lot of benefits to your home, security and lifestyle. Discover our 8 benefits of video doorbells.


Deter burglars

The presence of a video doorbell is enough to deter your home from becoming a potential target of burglary. Criminals don’t want to be caught on camera so are likely to avoid a home with video doorbell technology. 

Video doorbells also give you the ability to answer the door via audio even if you’re not at the property. If a potential intruder sees that there’s no car in the driveway and suspects an empty home, they may try the doorbell just to make sure. Being able to reply with “Hello, who is it? I’m just upstairs” is most likely enough to make them think again. 

Police evidence shows that the installation of video doorbells has reduced neighbourhood burglaries by as much as 55%.


Answer the door remotely

As just mentioned, being able to answer the door remotely provides so many more benefits. Whether you are in another part of your home, at work or on holiday on the other side of the world, you’ll still be able to know who has been on your doorstep and whether they keep approaching your property, as well as be able to communicate with them.



Video doorbells provide the utmost convenience. Whether you’re taking care of others, busy at work, a generally busy person or have a home with multiple levels, answering the door can feel like an inconvenience and often leads to us getting distracted. Answering the door from wherever you are can save you time, energy and simply make life easier. 


Prevent package theft

Many people experience parcel and package theft. Whether you don’t have a safe place to leave parcels or delivery drivers just seem to leave your deliveries in plain view, it is a risk many of us take when we want our package delivered but we’re not at home. With a video doorbell, you’ll be able to remotely answer the door and communicate with the delivery driver to where you want your parcel left, meaning no more missed deliveries and confidence that it’s been left in a safe location, approved by you. 


Screen visitors

Have you ever felt uneasy opening the front door to an unexpected visitor? It can be a scary situation especially at unsociable hours or for a vulnerable person. With a video doorbell, you can see who it is before opening the door, providing you with peace of mind. 


Provides valuable video footage

Much like CCTV, any type of video footage is useful in the event of an incident or emergency. Your video doorbell could provide clear video evidence for criminal activity and could help identify individuals and bring them to justice. 


Adds value to your home

Smart technology and especially video doorbells can add value to your home. From providing increased security and convenience, your video doorbell investment could provide you with great financial gain in the future. 


Decrease insurance premiums

A video doorbell can decrease your risk of burglary and therefore could decrease your insurance premiums! Talk with your insurance provider to see how a video doorbell would impact your policy. 


Video doorbells clearly hold a lot of value to a property as well as for the individual. Although not an essential piece of a kit, they can improve your home security, make household members feel safer when answering the door and generally provide a more efficient way of life. 

If you’re interested in a video doorbell for your home, call us on 0330 094 7404 or fill out our online form here. We’ll give you a FREE, no-obligation quotation and our knowledgeable team will be able to answer any of your questions. 


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