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Types of Burglar Alarm System – Which is Right for You?

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With over 400,000 burglaries in England and Wales in 2019, it’s important to keep your home safe and secure. However, stats show that a major 7 out of 10 homes in the UK don’t have a burglar alarm system installed. 

A burglar alarm system is not only necessary for the majority of insurance companies, but it will also help to deter burglars from your property. 83% of burglars look for a bell box linked to an intruder alarm and 60% of those then go on to choose another target.

 But which alarm system is right for you and your home? Discover the different alarms and systems available and their pros and cons below.


Bells-Only Alarm

A bells-only or audible-only alarm is simply a ringer that makes a loud noise when a break-in is detected. The alarm is intended to scare off the intruder and alert others nearby. Best for low-risk properties, these are unmonitored systems meaning the police will not be automatically contacted when the alarm is activated.


  • Loud noise to deter intruders & alert neighbours
  • Good for low-risk properties with a low amount of valuables
  • Affordable


  • Police are not contacted automatically, you will need to call 999
  • You will not be automatically alerted
  • Rely on neighbours and friends if you are away


Wired Alarm System

Wired alarm systems operate on electric sensors and that are connected to a control panel. They, therefore, need to be installed by a professional which can lead to increased labour costs due to the wires needing to be hidden. However, once installed they are reliable and a robust option that will require less maintenance than a wireless version.


  • Little maintenance once installed
  • Reliable
  • Requires less maintenance than a wireless version.


  • Need to be fitted by professional
  • Labour costs for installation


Wireless Alarm System

Wireless alarms systems are the same as a wired version, except they are battery operated. Battery-powered sensors communicate with a control panel via radio signals. They are generally easier and cheaper to install than a wired version.


  • Quick and easy to install.
  • No labour costs


  • Batteries need to be checked and replaced regularly


Monitored Alarm System

A monitored alarm is connected to an external security company such as Homewatch. The company will monitor your alarm system and any signals is received on your behalf for an annual or monthly fee. If an intrusion is detected or an alarm is triggered, the security company will contact you and the police immediately.


  • Best for properties with valuable items
  • Most reliable and secure option
  • Peace of mind even when you are not at your property
  • Police are automatically contacted if alarm triggered
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • False alarms can be identified & logged


  • Annual or monthly fee


Smart Alarm System

A smart alarm system is a monitored option that connects and can be controlled through your smartphone or device. Homewatch provides an app so that you can set and unset your alarm, get instant notifications of a triggered alarm and see live footage if you have CCTV cameras installed.


  • Control of your home security when you are away
  • Control of system via smartphone
  • No need to rely on neighbours to check your property
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Best for properties with valuable items
  • Police are automatically contacted if alarm triggered
  • False alarms can be identified & logged


  • Annual or monthly fee
  • More expensive to install than more traditional systems


Choose NSI Approved & Accredited

Anyone can install alarms at your property, but it is best to use an NSI accredited  company to ensure they are reaching the approved British standard of system design, installation, monitoring and maintenance. Homewatch is NSI approved and accredited, meaning your burglar alarm system will be fitted under strict guidelines and even our engineers that may visit your home, are security screened.


High-Quality Home Security You Can Trust

We often don’t think about the effects of a break-in until it’s too late. At Homewatch, your home safety and security is our priority. Having a high quality 24/7 monitoring system is key to keeping your home safe. You will have peace of mind knowing that when you are away, at work or on holiday, your home is protected and is being constantly monitored.


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