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The Benefits of Installing a Burglar Alarm at Home

Do I need a burglar alarm?

There are approximately 250,000 domestic burglaries in England and Wales per year, with repeat burglaries increasing by more than 16% in 2019, due to criminals exploiting a decline in police response. It is therefore important to protect your property from initial and repeat theft, even if you live within a statistically safe area.

If you are still asking yourself if you need a home burglar alarm, read on to discover 6 benefits of home security systems.


6 Ways a Burglar Alarm Can Benefit Your Home

  1. Deter a burglary before it happens.

A major benefit of installing a burglar alarm to your property is that it can deter a break-in before it happens. Burglars do not want to be caught, so will avoid difficult break-ins that are likely to attract attention. 89% of ex-convicts admitted that they would be deterred from targeting a home with a smart security system.

By having a clear burglar alarm and or security system installed in your home, you are making it one step harder for an intruder to break-in and they are likely to move on to an easier target.


  1. Protect your home from theft.

The average home holds a large number of valuables. From vehicle car keys, jewellery, mobile phones and electronics, meaning homes are a key target for criminals.

By installing a burglar alarm it means that if an intruder is detected, motion sensors will be triggered and an alarm will sound to notify yourself and/or neighbours that there has been a break-in to your property.

Some of the more sophisticated alarm systems can even automatically alert the police and a nominated person, which acts to dramatically narrow the burglar’s window of opportunity and protect your home from theft.


  1. Provide peace of mind when you are away from home.

Do you worry about being away from your home for long periods? Are you wary of your property’s security when you’re on holiday? By installing a burglar alarm you will have peace of mind that your home is secure, protected and monitored even when it’s uninhabited. If there is a break-in, your security system will alert you so you will know if there is an intruder.

Homewatch provides an Intruder Alarm Monitoring System that if an alarm is activated at your property, will contact the nominated keyholder, notify the police and/or send a guard response. This is a great option for remote properties that might not have surrounding neighbours to hear the alarm.

 For complete remote access of your property, Homewatch also provides the Homewatch Smart Home app that allows you to have full control of your alarm system via smartphone, tablet or desktop. Here, you can set and unset your system, watch live video streaming, see system status and receive notification of any event on your device – providing total peace of mind when you’re not at home.


  1. Reduce home insurance premiums.

Investing in a home burglar alarm is the easiest way to reduce your costs and save on your home insurance. The more protected your home is, the less likely it is to be targeted, meaning your property is less at risk. Your insurance premiums will, therefore, be lower than if you weren’t to install a security system.


  1. Increase your property’s value.

Home security is a sort after and attractive feature for prospective home buyers. Everybody wants to feel safe and secure in their home, meaning investing in a home burglar alarm will positively impact the value of your home when you come to sell.


  1. Increase the likelihood of police apprehending criminals.

A high-quality security system can increase the likelihood of catching your intruder. In 2019, only 1 in 20 burglaries resulted in an offender being caught and charged. A burglar alarm can quickly notify the police and others nearby and increase the likelihood of catching and apprehending the criminal. If CCTV is installed, a recording of the physical image and actions of the intruder will be captured and can be handed over to the authorities.

Installing a burglar alarm to your home, therefore, holds many key benefits other than notifying you of a break-in. For more information on home security systems, contact us today.


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