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Keeping Your Home Safe at Night – Practical Tips

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There is no denying that crimes are most likely to happen at night. Of the 41 per cent of adults in the United Kingdom who have been a victim of burglary, 28 per cent of these have stated that the incident happened during the night. A further 20 per cent said that the burglary occurred during the evening. Only six per cent happened in the morning, and a further 24 per cent occurred during the afternoon. 

When you combine the burglaries that have taken place in the evening and through the night, it is easy to see that when it gets dark, crime is more likely to occur. This is why you need to take practical steps to keep your home safe. Here are some suggestions to help you do this:

Install a home CCTV system

There is only one place to begin, and this is by installing a home CCTV system. The technology used in CCTV systems today means that they operate just as effectively during the night. If your house was to be burgled, a CCTV system would help you to find the perpetrator. Nevertheless, such systems also act as a deterrent. If someone notices you have CCTV in place, they are going to be much less likely to target your home. 

Install a burglar alarm

A burglar alarm has long been an effective security method. The alarms available today are much more advanced than the burglar alarms from ten years ago. They are wireless and come with a wide range of features, including smartphone compatibility so that you receive phone notifications about any possible breaches of your property. You can opt to have the alarm connected to your own devices and/or a remote monitoring centre. There are plenty of customisation options.

Lock all of your doors and windows

This may sound obvious, but it is important nonetheless. A lot of people simply forget to lock their windows in an evening. If you fall asleep on the sofa, you can easily forget about locking the house up. However, you need to make sure you get in the habit of doing so, otherwise, you’re giving people an easy route into your home.

Team up with your neighbours

There is safety in numbers! Getting together with your neighbours to watch out for one and other can make a big difference. Think about organising a neighbourhood watch group if you do not have one in place already. You can raise awareness, informing one and other if something suspicious is going on in the area.

Make the most of home automation

What we are able to do with technology today is truly amazing, and home automation is a fine representation of this. With home automation, you will be able to set up schedules for all of your security devices, including your CCTV cameras, door locks, and so on. Some of the things you can do to boost your security in this regard is getting an instant video feed sent to you whenever someone walks up to your driveway and schedule your lights to come on when you’re not home.

Don’t forget your garage

The garage often tends to be the point of entry for a lot of criminals, so you need to make sure you secure your garage so it is not breached during the night. You may want to consider investing in extra locks for your garage, for example. You can also cover your windows to hide what is inside your garage. Upgrading to a smart garage door opener is another option to consider.

Light up your landscape

The final tip is to use ample outdoor lighting to keep criminals at bay. After all, no burglar or vandal wants to be in the spotlight, do they? Lights around your garden area can help to keep your property secure. Consider putting your outdoor lights on a timer so that you do not have to switch them on manually every night.

So there you have it: some of the different steps you should take when it comes to keeping your home safe during the evening. For expert home security advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today for more information.


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