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Is it Worth Having a Monitored Burglar Alarm?

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Wondering what the difference is between a monitored and unmonitored burglar alarm? Want to know if it’s worth installing a monitored burglar alarm in your home?

Read on to discover all there is to know about a monitored system and whether it is the right choice for you, your home and your family.

What are Monitored Burglar Alarms?

A monitored burglar alarm is an installed burglar alarm, which is then monitored remotely by a security provider. They will monitor your system for alarm activity and will be able to provide an automatic response of your choice, such as the local authorities.

If you don’t have a monitored home burglar alarm, who will be notified when an alarm is triggered when you’re not at home? Most likely, you will have to rely on neighbours and passers-by to contact you or the police if they hear an alarm sounding from your home. However, by the time someone has noticed a break-in, the intruder and your possessions could be a long way away.

A monitored burglar alarm with Homewatch gives you the peace of mind that your home is being constantly monitored and an immediate response will be actioned when an alarm is triggered. Homewatch provides 24/7 monitoring, every day of the year, with immediate responses in the forms of an audio message to the intruder, a call out by our Rapid Response Team or the police.

Not only do we monitor for break-ins, but also faults in your system. We fix any faults quickly and efficiently, remotely when possible and before your system is even impacted.


How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?

When you have a monitored alarm system installed, these are the steps that take place when an alarm is triggered.

  1. Your burglar alarm is triggered, indicating you’ve experienced a break-in.
  2. A signal from your burglar alarm is sent and received by our own NSI Gold approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), and sent to our control room.
  3. If an alarm is triggered during a time you’ve set likely for your household to be at home, then our Monitoring Centre Operatives will contact you immediately and directly to check if the trigger is a false alarm.
  4. However, if an alarm is triggered at a time when you are away from your property, or within the night, then we will automatically action the most appropriate response team.

Benefits of Having a Monitored Home Alarm 

Installing a monitored home burglar alarm holds a multitude of benefits in terms of improving your home security.

Improve Effectiveness

Having your home burglar alarm monitored improves the overall effectiveness of your current system. It acts as a significant edition as adds an extra layer of security to your property, possessions and loved ones.

Quick Response

A monitored burglar alarm allows for a quick and efficient response to a triggered alarm. This gives the best chance of stopping an intruder in their tracks, deterring them from carrying on with the burglary and/or catching them.

Increased Confidence

Experience increased confidence in the safety and security of your home, especially when you’re not there, with a monitored burglar alarm. Knowing that you have a monitored system in place, 24/7 and for 365 days of the year, will make you feel confident leaving your home unattended.


A monitored burglar alarm can prove to be very cost-effective. With Homewatch, not only could you receive reduced insurance premiums, due to the increased security of your home, but you will also reduce the cost and time required by engineer call-outs for system faults, as we work completely remotely, when possible. 

Peace of Mind

You will have complete peace of mind with a monitored home burglar alarm. Eliminate the worry of you burglar alarm sounding and annoying the neighbours, of your alarm going unnoticed or not being able to contact the police fast enough yourself.


Can You Monitor Your Own Alarm System? 

It is possible to monitor your own home alarm system. However, this means that you are solely responsible for identifying when your alarm is triggered, calling and organising the relevant authorities, as well as turning off and resetting your system.

A self-monitored system is significantly less effective and less secure and there are important points to consider if you are thinking about monitoring your system yourself.

You can lose vital seconds in an emergency

You need to factor in the time it takes to identify the reason for the triggered alarm, whether it’s an emergency or not, contacting and waiting for the authorises to arrive. This whole process can take up to 30 minutes, which is enough time for a potential intruder to get away. Homewatch can perform this whole process automatically.

It’s your responsibility

Because it’s up to you, there is no back-up if you are unable to deal with the alarm. Whether you are asleep, uncontactable and without a phone, internet, signal or even unconscious due to injury, when you self-monitor your system, there will be no one sent to check up on you.

Therefore, if you are wanting to maximum safety and security for your home and family, it is more beneficial to invest in a monitored alarm system to guarantee constant monitoring and to receive an immediate response if an alarm is triggered, whether you are at home or not. 


How Much Does Monitoring Cost?

Monitoring your system is usually taken as a monthly service cost and is a small investment for a secure home and peace of mind.

Homewatch offers a monitoring and maintenance package from just £9.99 per month. Not only do we monitor your system for break-ins and provide reactive responses, but we will also monitor for system faults, so you can guarantee your system will always be in working order.


If you want to find out what other security systems we monitor or how we can help secure your home, get in touch on 0330 094 7404, or contact us online for a free, no-obligation quotation.

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