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How Easy is it to Install CCTV at Home?

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CCTV, also known as closed-circuit television, is a security measure used in many properties, sites and businesses to improve the level of safety and security, as well as deter criminals and intruders from premises. But did you know, CCTV can also be installed in your home and can be very effective in reducing the likelihood of burglary and theft? 

According to Co-op Insurance, ex-criminals reported that most thieves are opportunists who tend to avoid difficult break-ins, with CCTV cameras being the number one deterrent for burglars. 

We now know the benefits. But how easy is it to install CCTV at home? Can you do it yourself or does it require professional help? We’ve answered the commonly asked questions to give you all the information you need to know.


Can I install my own CCTV system? 

There are many self-installation and DIY CCTV kits and systems on the market that allow households to install their own CCTV security at their homes. They definitely have their advantages, such as being:

  • Free to install – Once you’ve bought the equipment, you’re likely to have no other costs.
  • Quick to install – Because you’re installing the system yourself, there’s no need to wait for an installation appointment or an engineer to arrive at your home.
  • Have full system understanding – Because you’ve carried out the installation yourself, you’ll have a deeper and better understanding of the setup and how it all works.

However, DIY CCTV systems aren’t for everyone and do favour those that have prior experience or knowledge in installing CCTV systems. If you don’t have experience, DIY install CCTV kits and systems may not be for you. This is because if the installation is not carried out properly, you may incur complications down the road that can add up to be costly and stressful, even leaving you with compromised home security!

It is therefore recommended that you use a professional home security provider to install CCTV at home for a guaranteed working and safe home CCTV system.


Professionally installed CCTV at home

Professionally installed home CCTV systems are CCTV systems that are installed by a professional home security provider who specialises in CCTV. They will be fully qualified with vast experience in home CCTV systems. A trained engineer will carry out the installation in which they will be able to efficiently and safely set up your CCTV at home, whilst meeting all the latest standards. We always recommend you use an NSI approved company, as they will be working to the most stringent standards in the industry and guarantees you only get the very best service.  


Professionally monitored CCTV at home 

Having your home CCTV professionally installed also gives you the option of having your system professionally monitored too. Monitored home CCTV means that the security monitoring provider will provide 24/7 monitoring and support for any activity or sensor triggers that could indicate a break-in or burglary. Monitoring operatives are also able to identify false alarms and any system faults in your home CCTV, which is just not possible with a DIY home CCTV kit. 


5 Benefits of professionally installed home CCTV

Cost-effective long-term

Having our home CCTV system professionally installed is usually more expensive up-front, due to paying for the installation to take place. However, in the long run, it can often work out as more cost-effective! This is due to there being less risk of the system breaking or not working properly, due to improper DIY installation.

Installed to the highest standards

A professional installation home security company that is NSI approved, will carry out their work to the highest standards. This means they are carrying out all the necessary safety checks and measures needed. This is especially important if you are considering a wired CCTV installation, that requires electrical work to be carried out. 

Safe & reliable

When your home CCTV is professionally installed, you can guarantee that it is safe & reliable to use. A professional security provider will also be able to advise you on the best placement of your CCTV cameras, to aid reliable and effective CCTV use.  

Professional monitoring improves level of security 

Professional monitoring of your home CCTV system has the major benefit of improving the overall level of home security and maximising the potential of your home CCTV. You’ll be notified if a CCTV alarm were to trigger and the monitoring team would be able to action an immediate response from the emergency services, a feature that gives great peace of mind when you’re away from your home, such as at work or on holiday. 

Ongoing Maintenance 

With professional installation also comes the opportunity for ongoing maintenance of your system. Many installers will offer or include a maintenance package with the initial installation, that you would not receive if with a DIT kit. Also have confidence that the engineer coming to fix or maintain your system is familiar with your set-up and are therefore able to carry out any maintenance smoothly. 

It can be said that there are definitely advantages to installing your home CCTV system yourself and having it professionally installed by a qualified engineer. However, unless you are experienced with CCTV installation and electrical engineering it is advised to seek out professional help! After investing in a home CCTV system, it can be frustrating to not have it working properly and even more frustrating if it ends up costing you more in the long term. 

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