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How Does a Smart Home Security System Work?

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There are currently 15 million smart homes in the UK. With technology ever-increasing, it’s predicted that more and more people will adopt installing smart home devices into their houses until it becomes a norm of daily life. 

But have you ever wondered how a smart home security system works? From how it integrates with the rest of a smart home to the main features of smart home security, we’ve covered it all. So keep reading to find out all that you need to know. 


What are smart homes? 

Smart homes are homes that have set many of their home systems, devices and appliances, such as electronics, heating, lighting and security, to be controlled remotely by a smartphone or computer via a wifi connection. All your systems, therefore, have the ability to communicate with each other and with you as the user.

A smart home, therefore, eliminates the need to worry about your home when you’re not there. For example, if you turned the TV off or set the security alarm – as you can now do it from your phone!


How do smart homes integrate home security?

It’s now possible to integrate your home security system into your smart home setup, as one of the systems that can be controlled via your smartphone. Once connected, you’ll be able to see the status of your individual security system components, such as CCTV, access control and alarm system. If a sensor on your smart home security system is triggered, then a signal is sent to your smartphone that will notify you if an alarm has been activated or motion sensed, indicating that an intruder has been detected. 

Once you’ve received the notification, you’ll then be able to take the necessary action needed, such as calling the police or deactivating the alarm. If you have CCTV, you’ll also be able to check live footage via your smartphone to confirm a break-in or intruder. 

Components of your security system that can be implemented into a smart home are:

  • Smart CCTV Cameras
  • Smart Lights
  • Smart Access Control
  • Smart Door & Window Sensors
  • Smart Intruder Alarms
  • Smart Door Bell


What are the features of smart home security?

Smart home security systems have multiple features that make them effective in protecting your home and loved ones. The main smart home security features to look out for are:

Full control from anywhere 

The ability to control your smart home security system remotely means that you can be away from home and are still able to control and keep an eye on your property. Whatever the time, day or location, as long as you have a wifi connection you’ll be able to adjust and turn on/off your home security.

Instant notification 

A smart home security system enables you to receive instant notifications to your smartphone if a sensor is triggered. You’ll therefore be able to quickly action a response, such as the police, to your home to catch the intruder. No longer will you need to rely on a passer-by or neighbour to report an intruder alarm or suspicious activity.

Improved security 

With the ability to control your security system remotely, to receive instant notification of activity and to see live footage of your home, you will have overall improved security of your property. From who pulls into your driveway, knocks on your door or carries out suspicious activity, you’ll be able to keep an eye on it all.  

Peace of mind

With a smart home security system, a major feature is experiencing peace of mind for the household. Knowing that you’re able to check in on your home and to check the status of your security system, even when you’re not there, will give you confidence that your home is always protected. 

A smart home security system is therefore an easy way to improve the overall security of your home. Good news that they are also easy to implement with Homewatch!

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