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Do Alarms Actually Deter Burglars?

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Within the last year, over 1,200 burglaries took place in homes across the UK. Burglary is a common problem and leaves both a financial and devastatingly emotional impact on those targeted. Almost 30% of UK households have a burglar alarm installed, but do they actually deter burglars? Do they stop your home from becoming a target of theft? We’ve got the answers. 

Do burglar alarms protect your home? 

Burglar alarms act to protect your home by notifying a household, passersby and fellow neighbours that it has experienced an intrusion. A combination of motion detectors and sensors are placed around the home and at key entranceways so that when the alarm system is set, they will be triggered by any movement or intrusion, activating the bell box and sounding a loud siren-like noise. Depending on the type of alarm system installed, this could then send the homeowner or their dedicated security company a notification, indicating that a break-in has occurred. 

Burglar alarms can therefore help to protect your home and significantly increase their safety and security, by quickly informing you that a burglary could be taking place. However, does a burglar alarm actually deter a burglar from targeting your home in the first place?

Do alarms actually deter burglars? 

The short answer is yes, alarm systems can deter burglars from targeting a home. This is because alarm systems are effective in bringing attention to a property via the loud alarm siren as well as notifying the homeowner and authorities. Burglars want a target that will bring as little attention to them as possible, meaning alarms can act as great deterrents to burglars. 

There has been significant research into what deters burglars and it has been found that alarms do act as a deterrent. A recent study found that approximately 60% of burglars would seek to find an alternative target if an alarm was present, with many spending time trying to determine if a home has an alarm system in place before carrying out a burglary. Another statistic showed that out of the burglars that realised an alarm system was present after they’d entered a home, about 50% would then discontinue their attempt.

Is an alarm system enough to deter burglars? 

Although a home alarm system can help to deter burglars, it is important to understand that just having one installed won’t grant you and your property immunity to break-ins. Unfortunately, there is still a chance that a criminal would still choose to target your home.

In order to increase your property’s deterrent level and the effectiveness of your home intruder alarm, it should be installed properly and ideally by a qualified and NSI-accredited company to ensure it is functioning properly. Remembering to activate the alarm system every time you leave the house and at night is also key for it to be effective. In addition, make sure that the alarm system is visible from the exterior of your home so that burglars can see that it is protected and thus encourage them to move on to a new target. 

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Importance of alarm system maintenance

Keeping on top of the maintenance and servicing of your home alarm system is also important when it comes to its effectiveness and its ability to deter criminal activity. If your alarm system isn’t regularly serviced then it might not be working properly. This means that it could fail you when you need it most, jeopardising your home’s security and the safety of your loved ones.

Without regular service and maintenance, your home alarm system could also be experiencing faults and producing false alarms which can be frustrating. We recommend getting your system regularly serviced or taking out a maintenance contract with your home security provider to make the most out of your burglar alarm.

What are the different types of burglar alarms? 

When questioning whether a home alarm can deter burglars and effectively protect your home, it is also worth considering the type of burglar alarm system you have in place. There are many different types of alarm systems available, including monitored and non-monitored. 

Monitored burglar alarms

Monitored burglar or intruder alarms are home alarm systems that are connected to a central monitored station. Households pay a monthly or yearly fee for a third party to remotely monitor their alarm system for any activations. This means that if your burglar alarm is activated, a dedicated team of monitoring operatives will be notified and will action the most appropriate response, whether that is contacting you as the homeowner or calling the police. The benefit of a monitored burglar alarm is that no activation ever goes unnoticed, due to 24-hour monitoring improving the security of your home and contributing as an increased deterrent to burglars. 

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Non-Monitored burglar alarms

Non-monitored burglar alarms, also known as self-monitored burglar alarms are alarm systems in which the homeowner is solely responsible. If the alarm system is triggered, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact the authorities. Non-monitored alarms are still extremely effective, but you are likely to get a faster response time with a monitored alarm as well as provide better peace of mind. 

What else can help deter burglars? 

In addition to alarms, there are other measures that can be taken to deter burglars from targeting your home. These include installing gates outside your property, motion-sensor lighting and CCTV cameras. Households should also be vigilant with locking doors and windows and keep on top of household maintenance, such as fixing broken entry points, tidying outdoor spaces and not leaving tools or valuables lying around. 

Installing alarms to deter burglars with Homewatch 

Home alarm systems can therefore be very effective in deterring burglars if they are properly installed and maintained. In order to improve overall home security and safety, it could be worth considering a monitored alarm system, as well as other security measures such as CCTV, motion lighting and video doorbells. At Homewatch we install, maintain and monitor all of the above plus more! Talk to the team to increase the deterrent level of your home and reduce the risk of break-ins. 

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