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Christmas Crime Prevention Tips

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It may only be October, but the Christmas season is almost upon us! With decorations going up and gifts being purchased, now is the time to ensure you and your family are kept safe and secure during the festive season.

Follow our simple tips below:

When using your vehicle:

  • Never leave presents or valuables on open display in your car. Even plastic carrier bags can attract thieves.
  • Always park in well-lit, secure car parks.
  • Always lock your vehicle & remove valuables.
  • Remove your mobile phone, and SatNav and any associated cradle. Be sure to wipe off any marks left on your windscreen.

When out shopping:

  • Never put your purse, wallet, keys or mobile telephone in your shopping trolley or basket.
  • Do not put any valuables down at the checkout when purchasing items.
  • Keep your valuables in an inside coat pocket or zip them in your bag and keep it close to your body.
  • If stopping off for a mid-shop coffee, don’t leave your valuables or purchases unattended whilst you purchase a drink / use the facilities.

When at home:

  • Don’t make your home a target for thieves – keep yours doors and windows locked and keep all your valuables and Christmas presents out of sight.
  • Don’t put presents under the tree until Christmas Eve.
  • Don’t store presents in sheds/outbuildings.
  • Don’t leave discarded present boxes outside and in view. Potential thieves will know exactly what goods you have waiting inside.
  • Property mark and register your new gifts. Property which is lost or stolen can be returned to its owner quickly if it is marked with the house number and postcode.
  • Be on guard against bogus callers! Don’t let anyone into your house that you are not expecting or who does not have an appointment. Always check identification and call the company if you are unsure. Genuine callers won’t mind. If you are suspicious, report the incident to police.



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