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Are DIY Security Systems Trustworthy?

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With more and more people seeing the importance of home security and crime rates in the UK on the rise, we are seeing an increased amount of DIY security systems entering the market. Often a more cost-effective solution, it’s no wonder many are questioning their trustworthiness in providing a good level of home security. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look into DIY security systems, if they’re a reliable option and if DIY security systems are trustworthy. 

What is a DIY security system? 

A DIY security system is a ‘do-it-yourself’ version of a home security system. This covers burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, video doorbells and intercom systems. A DIY security system is able to be easily purchased without having to go via a security company and requires the user to carry out the installation themselves. The system is likely to be reasonably simple to install and most of the time will work over an internet connection, which means no hard wiring is required. DIY security systems are usually controlled via a smartphone app. 

Why are DIY security systems popular? 

Home security is becoming an increasingly important consideration for homeowners. According to CrimeRate, the UK saw crime rates increase by 8% within the last year. Many homeowners, therefore, want to provide adequate protection to their homes and provide their loved ones with a sense of safety. With more affordable DIY options now available, it’s making home security much more accessible and making many more people consider installing a DIY security system.  

What are the pros of DIY security systems?

When considering if DIY security systems are trustworthy, let’s take a look at the pros of installing one in your home. 


DIY security systems for homes are an affordable option when it comes to improving your home security, which is an attractive feature for many. Compared to a professionally installed system, they can end up being just a fraction of the cost, which is particularly attractive to households on a budget. 


Many DIY home security systems are highly customisable, meaning homeowners can tailor their security systems to meet their individual needs and requirements. They offer a wide range of features and components such as video doorbells, CCTV cameras and motion sensors, all of which can be installed by the user to customise their home security as they wish. 

Remote Management 

A lot of DIY security systems are managed via an app, which provides homeowners with a remote way of controlling and monitoring their home security from anywhere in the world. This gives users full control of their home security that they may not feel they have when using a professional security company or another third party. 

What are the disadvantages of DIY security systems? 

Although there are many pros of DIY security systems, there are some other aspects to consider, and potential drawbacks, when comparing them to a professionally installed system via a security system installer. 


A big concern with DIY security systems is the quality of each component as well as the calibre of security they can produce. Due to being at a lower price point, these systems may not be using the highest quality or latest technology compared to a professionally installed system. DIY security systems are also designed to be easy to install. This, therefore, creates limitations in terms of the level of security and sophistication the system can provide and the features it can hold, compared to a system which provides the work of a qualified engineer. 

Although providing a decent level of security, DIY security systems may not provide as much of a sound, reliable and secure system than a security system purchased via a professional security company, which raises concerns about their trustworthiness. 

Installation & Maintenance 

Another concern surrounding DIY security systems is the level of expertise required to install and maintain it. Although it may be reasonably straightforward to install, if you are not a professionally trained security professional, then issues can arise. This could be in terms of identifying weak and vulnerable areas of your property that could be targeted by burglars or in regards to the actual installation. Improper installation or maintenance can lead to the system not functioning properly which could then affect the trustworthiness of your DIY security system.

How to determine if a DIY security system is trustworthy?

When choosing how to protect your home, how can you determine if a DIY security system is trustworthy? We recommend you look out for the below factors:


When looking to purchase a DIY security system, do your research to check if the brand or manufacturer is legitimate. Check out their website and social media channels and read reviews of other homeowners who have used the system. A DIY security system that has a strong reputation for being trustworthy and reliable are green flags. 


When determining if a DIY security system is trustworthy, look for a system that offers high-quality equipment and technology that has been designed and proven to withstand attempts of tampering and intrusions. Case studies and evidence of the system doing what it’s meant to, ie. deterring and catching criminals, are good signs. 

Customer Support

A trustworthy DIY security system will offer a reliable customer support service that can assist you with installation, maintenance and any technical issues. Any time that your DIY security system isn’t working properly or not set up correctly means that the safety of your home is compromised. Therefore, you will want a company that responds promptly. 

Installation & Maintenance

Make sure that you understand what is involved when installing and maintaining your DIY home security system before you purchase it. Make sure you have the right tools and expertise to carry out the installation correctly and always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, otherwise you may end up with an untrustworthy system.

Limitations & Weak Spots 

As well as understanding what your DIY security system can do, it is also worth understanding what it can’t do, in terms of its limitations and weak spots. You can therefore take action to secure your home in other ways that your DIY security system can’t, such as installing strong locks or reinforcing doors and windows. 

DIY vs professionally installed home security systems

In conclusion, DIY home security systems can be trustworthy and a good option for some homeowners, especially those on a budget. However, their trustworthiness does depend on the quality of the system as well as the level of expertise of the individual installing and maintaining the system. 

In comparison, when choosing a professionally installed home security system, such as one from Homewatch, you can guarantee a high-quality, bespoke solution that is designed for your home, ensuring no vulnerable areas of your property are left unprotected. Much like with DIY systems, many professional ones are also able to be managed via an easy-to-use smartphone app. With a professionally installed system, you can also have the confidence that it has been installed and is maintained correctly by a qualified engineer, meeting all the necessary requirements and testing to provide you with a trustworthy home security system that won’t let you down. 

Home security systems with Homewatch 

At Homewatch, we provide NSI-accredited bespoke smart home security systems for households wanting to improve or upgrade their home security and protect the safety of their loved ones. We will provide you with a free quote and can help you determine which security system would be best for your home, covering all your vulnerable areas. 

Get in touch today at 0330 094 7404 or online here.


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